Social Studies Conference Compendium

Date Completed: Sep 20 2008
Trim Size: 5.5" × 8.5"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Number of Pages: 100
Number of Colors: 1 – Black on Orange Paper

The entire GD/MFA department teamed up with Mike Perry to put this booklet together. The Social Studies conference was put on in part by our Graduate program at MICA. The booklet contained all of the speakers topics and excerpts from their lectures that would be presenting at the conference. The whole group took part in creating the illustrations/imagery for the booklet. While the rest of the MFAs were working on the visuals, I planned out a systematic grid and presentation for putting it all together. The imagery was created over one weekend, and I then spent the next week laying out the pages, and typesetting and tweaking all the text and imagery. Though the department got together to create the visuals, it basically fell on me to complete the layouts, typesetting and get the thing off to the printer. Thank you also to Tony Venne and Giselle Archibald who helped to serve as co-Art-directors and printing coordinators.

This piece was included in Print Magazines 2009 Design Annual