The Sustainabilitist Principles

Date Completed: Mar 24 2009

This was the main piece in my MFA thesis show. Basically, a visual representation of the research that led to the creation of my Sustainabilitist principles was created. One of the goals for this piece was to more wholeheartedly use the principles I was developing. Besides the colored thread connecting books to their principles, and the materials required to screen print the books-as-plaques, everything was either found or I already had. The bookshelf, and then the books on the shelf themselves, were already my property. The books that I turned into plaques were all taken from the Book Thing of Baltimore, a book exchange organization, and then returned after the show came down. Also, aesthetically, the design of the piece was meant to mimic the Greenest Green poster. I thought this recycling of a formal element would both better connect my work, as well as enable the re-use (I mean, it's one of the 3 R's) of a design idea I had already come up with.